What Makes a Successful Automotive Sales Manager

Success: everyone wants it, but not everyone gets it. What distinguishes successful managers from everyone else? Maybe they know something others don’t. Or maybe they have better support in terms of tools, software & leadership. Here are some tips on becoming a successful sales manager that you can start incorporating right now.

Create A Morning Routine

Most successful people you talk to have a routine down pat. Routines help with efficiency and lessen the need to make decisions. It’s the same thinking behind why successful founders wear the same outfit every day. The less decisions you set yourself up to make throughout the day, the less brain fatigue you will have.


Your routine should start from when you wake up in the morning to what you do throughout your day. When you first arrive at work – are you sorting through mountains of emails? Do you know where your sales & KPIs stand for the month? Setting aside time to view key progress targets, get on top of emails & plan your day can set each day off right.

Continually Check Progress

Now that you have your routine neatly laid out, crumple it up and throw it away. Okay, not really, but do leave yourself plenty of time and flexibility to be able to navigate any detours along your day. Successful sales managers keep an open mind and are ready to roll with the punches.


One way to stay ahead of any unforeseen hurdles is to continually check the team’s progress. Using your sales & CRM tool, recap and assess the previous day both on your own and with the team. With sales & CRM software like aureso, it’s easy to monitor individual performance, team performance and end of month targets at a glance. Go over lead to order intake conversion numbers, overall prospect numbers, next actions, test drive conversions, and other pertinent information before meeting with your team. After completing your own review, open up and share with others.

Close Hot Prospects

A good sales manager knows the importance of closing the hot opportunities within grasp. A great sales manager takes that one step (or more) further by proactively supporting sales consultants in closing the deal. From individual hot prospect meetings to support following up on next actions, be proactive in all things. Don’t wait until the end of the month to scramble around and try to close deals. Set time aside each week to evaluate all Hot Prospects in the pipeline and follow up with each sales consultant on next action. This will be a lot easier if you keep a real-time view of them in your Sales & CRM (like aureso).

Coach Individual Sales Consultants

Successful sales managers consistently coach their sales consultants, rather than just manage or lead. There is always room for improvement, whether it’s closing techniques, not enough lead entries, not following up, not making conversion ratios etc.


To be successful, you must constantly be on top of your team’s individual performance, and coach sales consultants where they are falling behind. A quick look at individual consultant’s dashboards can tell you where they are for the month. Is their test drive conversion ratio lower than average? Steer them to actively book test drives for all Prospects in their pipeline. Did they lose most of their leads due to reasons within their control, i.e. bought from a dealership down the road or bought a competitor car? These live trackers make it easy to hone in on where your consultants may need coaching to reach their KPIs month on month.

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