Top 3 Things You Can Do To Improve Dealership Marketing

There are many articles online stating tips and tricks to improve your marketing campaigns; use better images, refine your keywords, have a more defined audience, etc. However, there are basic fundamentals that are often overlooked, and may be preventing your marketing department from reaching optimal success.


Here, we’ve come up with three fundamental steps to improving your marketing ROI that you may not have thought of yet.

Centralize your Leads

For many dealerships, Leads come in and they sit. Whether that’s in Excel spreadsheets, inboxes from dealer websites, or on receptionist notes — most dealership enquiries are not acted on right away. The result is that people who are ready to buy a car now.. are left waiting. In fact it’s usually days before they hear back, and by the time they do, they have either found another dealership to purchase their car or moved onto a competitor model.


Most of this comes down to unconnected systems – there is not one centralised place to house and assign all enquiries.To combat lost leads & improve the results of your marketing campaigns, it’s imperative that you use one centralised database to house all Lead enquiries. There is no point in spending money on campaigns if the enquiries brought in aren’t attended to when the opportunity is greatest.


Best practice looks like this: A lead comes in – from manufacturer website, dealer website, social media, showroom walk-ins – and it’s immediately housed in one central database. Marketing/CRM makes first contact with the Lead, or automatically passes onto sales. The Sales Manager picks up the Lead and automatically assigns the Lead to a sales consultant. Within minutes, the Lead is responded to and an appointment is set.


It’s only with a connected and centralized database that this workflow will occur. (Check out an example of a connected database here.)


Track Campaigns Daily

Marketing campaigns are dynamic and ever-changing. A good marketer will optimise campaigns on a frequent basis to ensure the volume of valuable leads is high and the cost per acquisition is low. The problem with dealership marketing is that real-time tracking isn’t always available. Most marketing teams may be able to track cost per clicks by campaign in real-time, but that’s only half of the story. To truly become a successful marketing team, you must track cost per acquisition daily.


How is this done? By tracking all Leads by channel, source & campaign within one system. With aureso, you can see how each marketing campaign is performing in real-time. What is the cost per acquisition? What percentage are converting to sales? Which are the lowest performing campaigns & sources? These are all metrics you are able to access at any time in order to quickly stop campaigns that aren’t performing, and move the budget to the campaigns that are.


Once you are able to optimise and change marketing campaigns as soon as they aren’t performing, you will save the dealership thousands of dollars in marketing spend, and bring in higher quality, more successful Leads for Sales.


Base Success on Sales

Last but not least, the most successful marketing departments track their campaigns on relevancy. This means, tracking the progress of all Leads & enquiries all the way through to a Sale.


It’s one thing to bring in a high volume of Leads at low Cost Per Clicks, but how do they perform? Are they converting to sales? If not, the quality of leads may be low or the enquiries might not be relevant.*


The way to track the quality of your Leads boils down to the systems you are using. The Leads & Prospects should be tracked in one central system all the way through the pipeline to Sales. At any point in time, you should be able to take a snapshot of the Lead Sources of your sales. If more than 25% of Leads are closed, you are more than likely on the right track. Any less, and you may want to take another look at your marketing campaign metrics (bounce rates, customer journeys, etc.) and optimise for better results.


**Now as marketers, we know this isn’t always the case – many times there are slow follow up times, poor closing techniques or many other reasonings. However, if the overwhelming majority of your Leads aren’t converting, you may have a relevancy issue.



Marketing departments need to prove themselves as more than merely a cost centre. At the end of the day, the way to do this is through data. With a centralised database, trackable metrics, & a transparent sales pipeline – you will have a much more successful return back to the dealership’s bottomline.



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