To take an honest look at your sales performance, it’s important to understand some of the ways a Prospect might fall through. Obviously, there are always some factors that are outside of your control. But this is not about making or finding excuses. This is about seeing steps that you can take in your day-to-day sales work that will help you close more sales.
Here are three effective ways that you can stop losing Prospects.

1. Cultivate genuine relationships

As a sales consultant, strong people skills can tip the scales in your favour over your competitors. Sometimes a good bond will even beat out steep discounts offered by the dealership down the street. That means you need to be able to cultivate genuine relationships with your potential customers. This is no small feat when your phone or notepad holds hundreds, or even thousands, of names.


The key is to be on top of your interactions. With an advanced Sales & CRM tool, you have a central location to store every enquiry, email and phone call exchanged between you and Prospects. Keeping up a regular flow of correspondence will keep your name and dealership in mind. Plus, in a sales & CRM tool, every contact’s personal profile can include a list of their preferences, previous enquiries, sales history and more. So when they come into the dealership after already enquiring on a silver Volkswagen Jetta, you’ll be armed with selling points, pricing & options right off the bat. (A good Sales & CRM tool should contain this product information in a quickly accessible mobile solution regardless!)


Several small, personal gestures add up to a bigger impact on potential customers than a single grand one followed by radio silence. If you aren’t able to cultivate the relationship, you may not maintain the opportunity for long. Putting enough effort into regular contact with your valuable Leads & Prospects will always pay off in the long run.

2. Be responsive (and quick!) to all enquiries

The Internet brought in the golden age of online shopping. It doesn’t stop with Lazada or Amazon; more and more people are researching your dealership and your competitors before you even have a chance to start selling. If somebody has seen enough from your dealership website or advertisement to convince them to send an enquiry your way, that means they’re quite interested. Sales consultants should be thrilled to get these unsolicited queries or Leads, but for far too many dealerships, a majority of messages go unanswered or answered in an untimely manner.


That’s letting sales wither in your inbox.


Any time you receive an enquiry, jump on it. All Leads & enquiries should be assigned to an individual sales consultant in a timely manner. In the least, a next action should be set for following up within the first 2 business hours. You will be strongly favoured if you can respond even quicker than that. A good sales & CRM solution will allow you to assign Leads to Sales Consultants, as well as set next steps for action. This promotes accountability and responsibility within the sales team to action the enquiry and progress along the sales funnel.


Starting off on the right foot and making a great first impression right from the query stage will boost your odds of making it all the way to closing with that person. If you don’t someone else will.


3. Don’t forget the details

Closing sales requires trust. You need to earn that trust from potential customers by following through on your promises, both big and small.


To guarantee that you deliver everything that your potential customers want, you need a centralised place to store all details of each opportunity. No note is too small to be left out. Use your CRM to gather and store all that information, and track next steps. Never forget a follow-up email, never miss sending a promotion, never skip a call. Automating your reminders will help you keep track of all those little details. That’s what makes the difference between a good sales consultant and a great one.


CRM can also be your guide to know what steps to take next when you’re not sure how to progress. For example – we’ve proved time and time again that Prospects who take test drives have higher conversion rates to sale. Therefore, for every Prospect in your CRM that has not yet taken a test drive, you can easily schedule an appointment (directly in the CRM) to give that important edge to closing.  Juggling the next tasks for a dozen opportunities in your head means a high risk of forgetting something. Use your CRM to set next actions and schedule immediate bookings so that you’re always aware of what the next step is and when it has to happen.


These are just a few ways that you can take your sales performance to the next level.


Next Steps:

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