During a routine weekly sales analysis at a Volkswagen dealership in Malaysia, aureso experts were shocked to dig a bit deeper behind the dealership’s sales numbers.


Through aureso’s Lost Lead Initiative program, the dealership found it was losing crucial sales opportunities due to reasons within the sales team’s control. Losing 50% of ‘ready-to-close’ opportunities to be exact.


Here’s what they found:


After moving to aureso’s Sales & CRM solution, the Volkswagen dealership began tracking lost leads through the tool’s advanced Lost Lead Initiative features. This made it easy to analyse where confirmed lost leads were going, the reason behind the lost sales, and more importantly where the sales manager should focus to close the gaps.


Out of 4461 opportunities created, the dealership was delivering around 500 new cars a year.




Out of the total 4461 opportunities, 3483 were eventually confirmed as ‘Lost’.



After running a lost leads analysis, aureso found 123 people went onto buy the exact car they showed interested in from another dealership down the road, and 146 people couldn’t buy a car due to stock availability / lead time. That’s 269 ‘ready to close’ sales the dealership lost, but could have prevented. 



This dealership was losing over half of the annual deliveries they brought in due to reasons within their control.












Not to mention another 328 Lost Leads were lost to a competitor.






The aureso team analysed the realistic improvement potential the sales team could achieve through training and coaching, and found that 116 additional sales were realistically within the sales’ team reach. This conclusion came from very conservative calculations, with an expectation that Volkswagen could reasonably close an average 20% (30% bought from another dealer, 15% bought a competitor, 20% stocking issues) of the 597 opportunities that proved they were ready to buy a car, and could buy a car financially. Another 116 additional cars the sales team should have, and could have closed this year.



Next Steps

To address the 123 Lost Prospects who went onto buy the exact same car at a dealership down the road – intensive sales closing practice was needed. With aureso’s Sales & CRM solution, the Sales Manager was armed with individual sales consultant data to learn and correct what went wrong, and held individual meetings to help correct sales consultant behaviour.

Additionally, the Sales Manager was able to address the 146 Lost Prospects who did not buy a car due to stocking issues, with the help of aureso’s stock management tool. Furthermore, through group training, the sales team was able to better prepare their value propositions for all models against competitor vehicles, to prevent 328  future Leads from slipping through the cracks.


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