The rise of SaaS has given companies the ability to consider revenue models that weren’t previously possible. No more onsite servers to pay for. Goodbye heavy installation fees.

However, even withstanding the flexible nature of SaaS, it seems companies have fallen into a similar, dull routine – fee per user, fee per customization, fee per storage capacity, fee per feature, etc.

The problem with this popular ‘fee-per-x’ model is that the costs can add up. Many times, forcing organizations to rethink their priorities and settle for a less than functional solution.

Owner of Rush4th Consulting and Co-founder of aureso, Tim Rushforth, sees it all too often in the automotive industry.

“This ‘license fee’ pricing model is largely to blame for many operational shortcomings found in dealerships. Either you pay the exorbitant costs to supply every sales person, admin, CRM, marketing employee etc. with a license, or you force them to share; leading to problems of missed sales opportunities and delayed data entries.”

Companies end up sacrificing long-term functionality for short-sided savings.


Rethinking An Alternative

As a new company in the SaaS space, we’ve poured over hundreds of companies & pricing structures in attempt to align ourselves competitively. After tiring of the same said offering across the market, we realized we needed to think differently. Our Sales & CRM Platform is innovative, flexible, and scalable – our pricing should be too.

With aureso, we’ve decided to forego any user fees, fee-per-features, storage caps, and upgrade costs.

In fact we’re taking pricing away from the ‘expense’ category altogether.

Instead, the model is based on success. Rather than an IT expense, we only get paid when you do. And rather than offering complicated pricing tiers, we offered unlimited use of all features and users, for one price.

While we don’t claim to take credit for the success-based pricing model – AppFolio and Hubspot are veterans in the space – we are the first to introduce the concept to the automotive industry. Only one of many ways we’re shaking things up in automotive retail.

For more information on the aureso Sales & CRM platform and its success-based pricing, let’s get in touch!

@Tobias Meister,CEO  @Tim Rushforth,Co-founder  @Whitney Hesmer, Head of Marketing