The automotive industry is in a time of massive change. Mobility and connectivity are the new business; from online to consumer-driven experiences in the global digital marketplace. It’s a big leap forward for an industry that has remained relatively unchanged for the better part of the last century.

This new found innovation cannot be understated, especially in a time when the majority of people live online. Banking, retail, taxis, & groceries are serviceable within the click of a button.

The Internet of everything changes everything. -John Chambers, chairman and CEO of Cisco

However… legacy car brands are not. They cannot connect with us in real-time, and a lack of centralized system and/or database means manufacturers have no way of personalizing experiences for the consumer. Digitalization has yet to disrupt the automotive industry successfully; and consequently, there is a glaring disparity between where consumers spend their time, and where/how automotive companies can reach them.

The Future of Automotive is Going to Need A Lot of Connectivity

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As we head into 2017, this lack of connectivity & digitalization across the industry will bring consequences. Especially, when companies, like Tesla, challenge these shortcomings with their own consumer-centric business model.

Like air and drinking water, being digital will be noticed only by its absence, not its presence. -Nicolas Negroponte

To-date, legacy auto makers have tried to band-aid their problems with partial fixes, using cross-industry software suppliers to patchwork the shortcomings of the dealers’ pre-Internet solutions. However, this action in itself has created a new wave of complexities; hundreds of API’s and a spaghetti of business links, silo’s and disconnects. It’s clear that until manufacturers solve the issue holistically across the brand, they will continue to deal with hundreds of data-sets; not to mention an escalating fragmented, or worse, disconnect consumer experience.

An Opportunity for A Smarter Solution

aureso created a smarter solution. After over 30+ years in the industry, Co-founders Tobias Meister & Timothy Rushforth found a way to future-proof the workings of automotive retail. By combining proven best business practices (built from the leading dedicated automotive consulting firm across MEA & APAC ) and the latest technology, the team engineered a platform to holistically combine the entire supply chain: from customer, to sales consultant, dealer, market, onto OEM.

Harnessing the power to connect with customers and deliver better outcomes will be a key undertaking for automotive companies in the next three-to-five years. -Accenture


Connecting Customer, Dealer, Market & OEM


Instead of stand alone dealership systems, aureso provides one continuous platform to connect the OEM to consumer, and simultaneously, the entire retail dealer network.



OEMs & Regional Markets can view sales performance in real-time, across dealers down to the individual sales consultant; build one centralized customer database; and implement connected car & direct sales across retail network

Dealers gain a digitalized sales management tool from automated lead capture until delivery, that continues onto life cycle management.


Customers can finally connect to the brand with live, two-way communication channels across the entire network, enabling a more personalized & brand-loyal user experience.

Our teams’ innovation was recently recognized by CIO Outlook Magazine when they named aureso one of the most promising SaaS Solution Providers of 2016. Additionally, just last week, Oddup Startup Rating System named us in their top 3 picks for companies coming out of the Infiniti Global Accelerator Program.

As we move into negotiations for pilot projects with three major brands across three markets, it’s an exciting & rewarding time to be apart of the aureso team.