As we all embrace 2019, the automotive industry is embracing new technological changes. Big data, autonomous driving & AR continue to dominate conversation within the car industry. However, most dealerships across Asia Pacific have yet to get the basic, rudimentary software down pat first: auto sales & CRM.


Is your auto dealership still stuck with the traditional paper and pencil approach to handle your leads & customers? Are you using clunky, generic sales tool to guide forecasting & sales decisions?  Is your auto dealership finding it difficult to manage sales inventory of new cars? Excel spreadsheets or generic, big brand programs won’t be enough to guide sales and manage customers of your auto dealership. What you need is an advanced, future-facing auto sales & CRM tool.


What is an auto sales & CRM?


A basic auto sales & CRM system should automate redundant tasks that vehicle dealers face in their daily admin and sales departments. They usually hold your database of leads & customers, manage inventory of vehicles, generate a few clunky sales reports, and so on. It is usually a shared tool between Sales, Reception, CRM & Marketing.


However, advanced sales & CRM software should do much more than that. An advanced sales & CRM software should automate current dealership workflows, and help you sell more cars. The sales & CRM tool should help you track the sales funnel – from leads, to prospects, order intakes, and deliveries – as well as help you regain lost leads, and analyse why Leads are dropping out. The sales & CRM tool is the most crucial component of your dealership, as it guides direction for sales managers into how they can improve performance.



Which brand should you choose?

There are a few popular brands among the automotive industry, however if you ask most dealers, they most never live up to their expectations. We’ve seen it time and time again. Dealers implement a generic sales & CRM solution, usually with pressure from the manufacturer, and force it to fit their automotive needs. Dealers spend significant time and money just setting it up, only to find a year down the track that it doesn’t work for showroom workflows, KPIs haven’t increased, and habits haven’t improved. The system is clunky, and sales reps stop using it due to the steep learning curve and complex interface.


That’s why you should always look for an auto sales & CRM that was engineered for automotive. The dealership has unique workflows that are not mirrored in other industries. Look for a tool that mirrors dealership workflows, and does its job to aide sales consultants, sales managers & stakeholders into making better decisions to improve KPIs. The tool should follow the automotive sales funnel – from Leads, onto Prospects, Test Drives, Order Intakes, and finally Deliveries – and force users to close ‘hot prospects’, improve test drive conversions, move Leads from Prospects, etc. It’s a tool implemented to improve business outcomes. Which is why most big brand, cross industry solutions fail – they aren’t familiar with the key drivers of the auto industry.


What features should you look for?


There are many features you don’t need and will be sold, and many you need that you may not know you need. We’ve listed a few of the core features to look for below:


  • Integrated across sales, CRM, marketing: Auto sales & CRM software should be used to broaden your customer base as well as increase vehicle sales volume. The software should include one integrated database across all departments; and streamline workflows between all departments.
  • Integrated across all sources; website, social media, email:  As well as cross departmental integration, the tool should integrate with all Lead sources; including marketing campaigns, dealer website, manufacturer website, walk-ins, email, events, & more. All Leads should sit in one place – not in various excel sheets, inboxes and so on.
  • Includes Lost Lead Analysis Tool: A key part of improving dealership sales is learning why you aren’t selling. A Lost Lead & Lost Prospect Recovery Tool is a crucial feature to have to not only recover lost leads not truly lost, but learn where and why Leads are going when they aren’t buying with you.
  • Includes Test Drive Booking Tool: It’s been shown time and time again how crucial test drives are for your lead to sale conversion. Look for a tool that integrates test drive booking features, including mobile scheduling & digital signatures, to streamline processes and make it easier for sales consultants to push test drives for every Prospect.
  • Individual Sales Consultants’ Performance + Group Performance: Look for a tool that has transparent performance tracking from the Group level, dealership level, all the way down to the individual sales consultant. Real-time performance analytics are key to improve sales consultants’ KPI’s, and are a useful tool for sales managers to use in day to day work.
  • Includes Transparent Sales Funnel: It’s crucial at the end of the day that your auto sales & crm tool helps you sell more cars. You should be able to see Leads at any moment in time, as they progress to a Prospect, Test Drive, Order Intake & Delivery. If they are stuck at Financing, you should be able to see in a matter of seconds. It’s only with transparency, integrated data & mobility that a tool will truly help improve your bottom line sales.

Choosing an auto sales & CRM can be tricky, and many dealerships unfortunately get it wrong. For more expertise into what you should be looking for, visit here or reach out to us. We’d love to help.