Customer Relationship Management

Building customer relationships is just as important as
getting new leads.

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Get more context. Make smarter decisions.

Everything you need to know about your business contacts at your fingertips.

Contact Management

One place for all your contacts

All your contact data will be consolidated, organised and throughout the Sales, CRM and Marketing departments so you have a complete picture of your contacts and business.

Customer Profile

360° view

Have a unified view of related contact details, sales opportunities, tasks or vehicle ownerships consolidated in one place. Identify your contact’s exact interests then automatically begin targeted follow-up messages that speak to their unique needs.

Target Group Segmentation

Highly personalised marketing

Create multi-dimensional segments along hundreds of criteria including demographics, purchase history, vehicle ownership life-cycle and more so you can send the perfect message.

Lost Follow-up Initiative

Recovery >20% of lost opportunities

A proven best business practice that supports the follow up of Leads and Prospects marked as lost by a Sales Consultant. It helps to find out underlying reasons for the loss and provides means to win the Lead or Prospect back with the support of CRM.


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Lifecycle Management

Increase upselling opportunities

Handle the whole lifecycle. Create a stellar experience for each contact at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Help contacts quickly progress from interested leads to satisfied customers to outspoken advocates.

More features

Custom Labels

Categorise and label contacts on various parameters using tags.


Track all completed actions related to a contact and any changes of its information.

Vehicle Ownership

Vehicle ownership history of current and past vehicles of a contact.

Contact Assignment

Assign and reassign Sales Consultants to contacts to define account accessibility.

Search & Filters

Quickly find exactly what you want with the intelligent multi-conditional search feature.

Data Import

Easily import two different types of data sets: Contacts or Leads.

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