Before you enjoy that cup of coffee each morning, chances are you’ve already opened a mobile app to start your day. Social media, music, news… apps are now an integral part of our life, with the average consumer spending roughly 198 minutes per day in them, according to research by Yahoo-owned Flurry Analytics. *

With so much time spent across a variety of genres, there is an opportunity for retail brands to tap into the attention with an app of their own. However, it’s not enough to just create and launch a branded app. As we know, there are plenty of company apps already out there, yet few gain long-term traction and repeat users.

So what are the keys to becoming an integral part of your customers’ day?

Ease-of-use, value and relevancy.

Providing customers with a platform that is easy-to-use, has helpful services & tools, and is relevant to their current buying process is the best way to win consumers over.

aureso CEA on phone

The First Brand-wide Connected Customer Engagement App (CEA)

As part of a connected retail ecosystem, aureso has created a real-time app for manufacturers to connect their customers and retail dealers. Through the Customer Engagement App (CEA), customers are given an easy-to-use platform that connects to the brand across multiple devices.

Similar to Facebook, customers use one profile to access their current vehicle information, previous service activity, and future marketing & promotions, 24/7. No matter where they log in – desktop, mobile, tablet – they can continue their inventory browsing, live dealer chat, or test drive booking from wherever they left off.

Additionally, the Customer Engagement App keeps track of their personal preferences, and automatically engages with the preferred dealer every time. Should they be away from home and need another dealer? A user-friendly Google map gives them a list of all nearby – ensuring brand loyalty no matter where the customer is. One app, across the entire brand, creates simplicity that is only afforded by aureso’s connected retail network.

Helpful Tools & Services

In the automotive industry, there are pivotal transactions across the customer life cycle that dealers can’t afford to miss: test drives, service bookings, new car sales etc. However, these only involve interaction with the dealership a few times a year, at most. And for an app to successful, it must be used more than a few times a year.

aureso’s Customer Engagement App (CEA) provides value-adding services that extend past the traditional purchase cycle. Relevant push notifications regarding events, stock updates of their favourite vehicles, & lifestyle-targeted marketing are just a few of the ways aureso helps manufacturers retain attention year round.

Integrated with Retail Dealers

While studies show more than 50% of customers who regularly use a branded app are more interested in buying from that company*, we still need sales consultants to close the deal.

Therefore, contrary to self-standing apps on the market today, aureso’s Customer Engagement App (CEA) is fully integrated to dealerships’ CRM systems nationwide. This ensures sales consultants have a holistic & transparent view of customers’ activities at all times.

By arming sales consultants with the right information, at the right time, they are able to provide more personalised customer experiences that will improve trust and loyalty to the brand.

Read more about aureso’s Customer Engagement App (CEA) here or connect with our founders today.