Car Sales Management

Turn more leads into Sales than ever before

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Automate sales and increase productivity

Give your team the tools to sell smarter. Capture lead information directly from your website, schedule follow-up reminders,
and generates custom reports to forecast trends. By automating routine tasks, you can spend time on what matters: making
connections, building relationships, and closing deals. Increase your productivity without expanding your workforce.

Improve your sales processes

Uniquely designed workflows to serve the needs in automotive retail. From initial enquiry to vehicle handover.
Scalable workflows ensure everyone in your team follows the right process, even when you are not looking so the
right attention is given to the right customers and leads.

Lead Management

Leave no enquiry untouched

Streamline your online and offline lead capture & qualification process and gain full transparency about every enquiry. Get your leads organised and leave no opportunity untouched to optimise your marketing ROI.

Prospect Management

Close more deals in less time

Gain full visibility of your sales funnel and actively track the progress of every prospect . This feature allows your team to develop a clear understanding of your sales momentum and priorities using intelligent tools to identify the hot prospects that will drive conversion ratios.

Order Management

Keep sight of your order intakes

Manage vehicle order intakes from loan application status, consignment to stock & initiate the delivery management process.

Delivery Management

Ensure vehicles are delivered on time

Streamline every step of the delivery process – payment, PDI & registration to handover – and alleviate admin work from Sales Consultants.

Increase productivity with sales opportunity management

Give your team the tools to stay on top of tasks and deals. From sending follow-up emails to maintaining
contact records, there’s lot of work to be done every time your sales team interacts with a prospect. Use sales
opportunity management to save time and make their lives easier.

Data Forms

Focus on each deal in front of you but gather all relevant data with optimised vehicle sales forms.

Action Management

Schedule next & last actions for any opportunity and focus on the most important action at a time.

Quotation & Invoice Generator

Quickly generate quotations & invoices as all relevant data are already saved in aureso.

Test Drive Management

Schedule test drives with opportunities and reserve the requested vehicle simultaneously.

Trade-in Details

Quickly capture all required trade-in details.

Vehicle Inventory

Centrally manage your inventory (price, availability, etc) and keep everybody updated.

Approval Management

Instantly submit & approve requests for test drives reservations, order intakes & more.

Notifications & Reminders

Stay up-to-date & directly inform others with integrated notifications and reminders.

Notes & Comments

Capture and save all relevant information of your opportunities in aureso.

Mobile Sales Management

Close anywhere, anytime

Whether inside or outside the showroom your sales consultants are connected 24/7 to sell anywhere anytime. Empower your sales force with native iOS and Android applications to access all vital information and stay on top of every deal.

Turn best practices into daily actions.

Best practices remain good intentions unless they are put into action. The aureso best business practices have
been developed based on over 400 dealer process reengineering projects and ensure everyone in your team follows
the process just as you’ve designed it. Provide them with the tools to sell smarter.

Data Forms

Eliminate manual work through aureso’s interconnected & optimised car sales data forms.

Sales Control Board

Identify hot prospects and get commitment from your Sales Consultants on which deal they aim at closing next.

Delivery Funnel

Actively manage your deliveries from initial order intake to payments, PDI, registration and vehicle handover.

“Your sales funnel is the best indicator of your company’s health and the place to see your deals. A transparent and well-managed funnel is the best way to stay in control of your sales results.”

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Why your dealership needs sales funnel transparency

Manage your dealership proactively with live insights across your entire sales cycle by taking immediate action, 365 days a year.



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