Business Intelligence & Analytics

Enable your business not only to understand what happened
— but why it happened — and what you should do next

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Measure and manage your sales and marketing teams with live dashboards

Pre-built dashboards and reports show you where your team excels and where they can use more training. Keep your
sales and marketing teams working together by coordinating your marketing efforts from inside aureso’s CRM. Compare
your campaign spending to your sales revenue to see how the top of the funnel affects your bottom line.

“In a world of data insights & real-time analytics, why are automotive sales managers still struggling to capture, measure and utilise data in a way that leads to increased sales?”

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Why your dealership needs a more data-driven approach to sales

Empower your Sales Managers to forgo gut feelings and educated guesses in favour of data-driven decisions that are measurable, repeatable and insightful.



Sales Analytics

Drive sales through data

Understand your sales funnel metrics and get answers to every part of the sales process to systematically improve performance.

Marketing Analytics

Improve your marketing ROI

Know which marketing activities generate results and where you need to refocus and change.

Inventory Analytics

Make the right stocking decisions

Know your stock position by status, availability, enquiry rates, stock forecast per model and much more to optimise your stock holding based on real-time data.

Data Insights

Data analytics at all levels

Data is collected and processed for each individual user role and their respective access rights. From single Sales Consultant, Team and Location view up to country level.

Target Settings

Set SMART goals

The simple fact is that for goals to be powerful, they should be designed to be SMART. With aureso you can set and track industry-relevant targets for single Sales Consultants ,Team, Dealers and Group level.


Generate & share reports

Generate, export and share reports considering data from single Sales Consultant, Team and Location view up to country level (downloadable as Excel and CSV file).

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