aureso is pleased to announce its recognition as most promising SaaS Solution Provider of 2016 by CIO Outlook Magazine (APAC).

The active role played by technology in helping businesses stay at the top of their game is a known fact. Irrespective of the industry, companies today are making a beeline to adopt new technology trends. The automotive industry is no exception. Tobias Meister, an industry veteran with vast management experience across premium automotive brands was startled by the need to induce technology into automotive retail operations. He specifically identified the unavailability of fundamental elements from the systems he had to rely on, such as real-time performance, digitalization, essential data connections between the customers, retailers and manufacturers. To rectify the situation, he collaborated with Tim Rushforth, entrepreneur and industry veteran, and laid the foundation for aureso, a SaaS Solution Provider. Combining their expertise, the duo engineered the world’s first automotive eco-system, enabling OEMs to holistically overcome the challenges of digitalization, connectivity, BI & Big Data.

Headquartered in Singapore, aureso develops cloud based software solutions for automotive retail companies. The organization focuses on standardizing workflows across brands through a data-connected eco-system that connects the OEM, dealer, customer and vehicle. “aureso’s eco-system is built on multi-layer technology that transforms the retail organization into a platform-based business model. This allows the OEM to implement scalable, standardized, and connected solutions that will accelerate the process of digitalization,” affirms Tobias. With a unified technology infrastructure, the eco-system aptly eliminates the challenges of digitization, connectivity and data management, and is the first of its kind to provide the scalability and flexibility required by OEMs to realize short and long-term network strategies.

aureso maintains an interrelated business model in order to enforce a connected user experience; simultaneously, serving the needs of OEMs, dealers, and customers. Through automated business workflows, its solutions stream live data from the initial lead to prospect, customer, dealership, market and finally onto the OEM. As a result, dealers gain direct access to their sales performance and customer data across the entire ownership lifecycle. While at the same time, manufacturers are provided with a live and transparent view of their entire retail performance across networks. Due to these consistent and connected applications, customers end up with a single interface to communicate with the brand as a whole.

Most importantly, the SaaS Solution Provider has revolutionized the way retailers & OEMs can add value to the customer experiences. The company reverse-engineered its solutions to drive process from the customer first – a mirror of how transactions realistically occur in the dealership today. Tim clarifies, “This industry insight yields the best possible user experience on customer and dealer levels and it does so while allowing a wholly comprehensive view for the OEM.”

Throughout business, aureso is driven by the vision to revolutionize the way the automotive retail industry operates today. With the introduction of a flexible, technology enabled eco-system, they can finally give OEMs the infrastructure they need to move forward with data-driven solutions, brand-wide digitalization, and new business growth on a global scale. “The company is conducting country level pilot projects throughout 2016, of which they plan to deploy globally next year. Additionally, the SaaS Solution Provider plans to expand into European operations by 2017,” concludes Tobias.

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