The Customer

aureso automotive retail ecosystem_customer vehicle connectivity

Across any purchase decision, customers share a common request. Make things easier for me.  Within an ecosystem, customers can access a network of information through one centrally-connected place (think Apple, Amazon, Uber).

Built with the customer in mind, aureso’s automotive retail ecosystem provides customers with one interface to manage their vehicle & connectivity. Much like Facebook, regardless of website or mobile app, customers have access to preferred dealer chats, traffic updates, upcoming service needs, roadside assistance, and current sales promotions. By extending this to include insurance information, parking spot locators, and home tech connectivity – through a single API – manufacturers can add so much value to users that there’s no reason to use any other brand.

In summary, we believe the future is here. In a connected, data-driven world, it will soon become impossible to exist as fragmented, silo’d operations any longer. aureso aims to deliver better awareness online, upgraded customer experiences and faster insight via data management  through a future-proof connected ecosystem.

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