When asked to explain what kind of software company aureso is, its founders struggle. That’s because aureso isn’t just a software company, offering one or multiple solutions. aureso is an ecosystem – offering connectivity, data, and ‘ease-of-use’ to everyone it touches. Fortunately for the automotive retail industry, ‘everyone’ refers to the entire retain chain. From car manufacturers, to retail dealers, customers and the car – the veins of aureso’s automotive retail ecosystem run deep.

The Car Manufacturer

With big data opportunities knocking on the door, manufacturers across all industries are spending millions of dollars to put data streams to use. However, with so many disparate systems and disconnected solutions within the automotive industry, it’s a challenge to collect the data, never mind use it. In an automotive retail ecosystem, car manufacturers and retail dealers share the same cloud-based software platform, meaning live & accurate data is readily at the fingertips of anyone who needs it.


aureso automotive retail ecosystem_OEM dashboard


Through real-time, drill-down dashboards, aureso gives car manufacturers a transparent view of their global retail performance. Retail dealers operate on a uniform platform, so OEMs are able to compare consistent data across market v. market, dealer v. dealer, discipline v. discipline.

Manufacturers have direct access to customer preferences, transaction history, and behaviour. More importantly, with a scalable retail network, they have the ability to utilise that data to give benefits back to their customers, i.e. automated customer experiences, hyper-specific marketing, and strategic location changes.

The Retail Dealer

In the current digital boom, more customers prefer to do car research online, rather than at the dealership*. However, they still want to test drive the car before they buy it,* and they still need offline servicing once they own it. Case in point, dealers who can simultaneously manage online and offline buyer journeys will have strategic advantage in the decision phases of vehicle purchasing, and the opportunity to create more customers for life.


aureso automotive retail ecosystem_stock turn graph

Within aureso’s automotive retail ecosystem, a connected, data-sharing platform naturally breeds competitive advantage.  Through intuitive and mobile dashboards, dealers enable more informed sales staff, omni-channel lead management, and more productive service operations.

1. More informed sales staff

aureso provides sales consultants with third-party market valuations, real-time inventory information, daily sales statistics, and hot prospects to target, in order to improve the effectiveness of sales personnel.

2. Omni-channel customer acquisition
aureso gives dealers the digital platform they need to communicate with customers in a way that is convenient for them – website, app, social media. All leads, online and offline, are captured in the same network-wide CRM system.

3. Automated operations

aureso automotive retail ecosystem_mobile inventory management

The ecosystem provides vehicle-dealership connectivity, meaning dealerships can proactively set service appointments when oil is low, or tires fall flat. Parts & accessories management can be predicted based on upcoming service appointments, and marketing can be targeted based on customer life cycle timing.


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