Best parts of Singapore startup 2019


While life in the corporate world offers stability and structure, a career in startups offers just the opposite. High risk, sleepless nights & limited funds…. startup founders and employees face a mountain of hurdles in their few first years of business. However, while the negatives can seem all-consuming, the rewards of joining a startup can linger long after they’ve announced their IPO.

Here, we discuss the benefits of working at a startup with founders and employees from a variety of industries across the globe.



While it can be a roller coaster of a ride, working on the ground floor of a new company allows people to pave their own success. Have you previously worked for a larger company where your work went unrecognized or unnoticed? This is never the case in a startup. As budgets are low, most departments are one-person wonders with incredible responsibility and ownership. Without a template to follow or prior work to mirror, you’re able to do things ‘your way’ and own the execution from strategy to results.


Gavin Bell_Director Blue Cliff Media

Gavin Bell
Director, Blue Cliff Media

My favourite part about working as a startup is the freedom that I have. Being totally in control of my own destiny is hugely liberating and exciting. In the corporate world, things move a lot slower and it can be hard to make a difference. 





Teamwork & Culture 

Most startups are small, which means you get to know your coworkers quickly – on a professional and personal level. There’s a camaraderie and bond that comes from working towards the same distant goal that you’re less likely to find in more silo’d corporations. This is exemplified when everyone pitches in to help each other no matter what the task may be. (Many startup CEO’s even take out the trash!) Additionally, most startups are flexible in hours, office attire, desk arrangements, etc. which creates a more enjoyable and creative work environment.


Rene Bolier_Co-founder OnRecruit

Rene Bolier
Co-founder, OnRecruit


What I love most about working in a startup is that with a team of very dedicated people who all have a unique skill set and personality you build something together.






Skyrocket Growth (Personal & Professional)

While you’re not ever actually thrown to the wolves, it can seem like it sometimes while at a startup. Everyone’s working in uncharted territory – meaning there will be a lot of trial & error… a lot of back & forth. And though it may be frustrating, it also means the growth you’re experiencing is exponential to that you’d find in a more structured environment.  You’ll learn very quickly what works and what doesn’t in terms of people skills, process management, and strategies you were sure of last week. You’re also exposed to a variety of business functions you may be less familiar with, enabling you to expand your skill sets and knowledge of the inner workings of a business.


Eefennie Fam_aureso employee

Eefennie Fam
UI Designer, aureso


I love working at a startup because it gives me the opportunity to be a  part of everything! I never get stuck in a boring routine.






Impact & Achievement 

Startups are disruptive. They have a new way of doing things and you get to be a part of it. Are you contributing to the transformation of an industry? Challenging an established competitor? Adding value to peoples’ lives? The ideas startups bring to the marketplace are revolutionary and impacting. As an employee or founder, you help shape the future of industries and the lives of end users. Sound exhausting? (Most of them provide free snacks…)



Colin Genge_Entreprenuer

Colin Genge
CEO, Retrotec



The joy of knowing you have enough funding to eat regularly for a while. Nothing comes close to that joy.