The aureso platform

aureso is an innovative technology platform for car dealers to digitalize & automate end to end car sales management.
It provides Sales Consultants with the flexibility and tools they need to exceed their targets, while generating the
depth of data and insights required for Managers to systematically understand and improve performance.

Sales Management

Automate sales & increase productivity.
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Vehicle Management

Full inventory control to grow your business
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CRM & lifecycle management for personalised marketing
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Business Analytics

Data driven insights to manage your dealership in real-time
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Your path to Digital Transformation

When you work in segmented, disparate silos, solutions are complicated. Individuals pull in different
directions. Your best move is unclear and results are unpredictable and frustrating.


Life is easier with aureso’s fully integrated cloud platform which brings innovation and simplicity throughout
today’s digital transformation imperative. A combination of extensive industry expertise, cutting edge technology
and data analytics. Data is consolidated and organised in one live data base to build a scalable sales organization
across your entire dealer network.

Quantifiable results proven to drive sales

Based on proven best business practices from >400 dealer reengineering projects.

<5 days



Selling Time


Increase in Conversation Ratios

“If you are only analysing your business success by looking at last month’s sales performance, you are missing key elements to your bottom line success.”

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Why you need a digital end-to-end Sales & CRM platform in your dealership

With aureso, you’ll uncover the valuable insights you need to guarantee success this month, next month, and the one after that.



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